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Oct. 10th, 2006 @ 06:07 am
please, comment on my work found at this lj,

some of my work is about the special girl in my life who i lost 9 months ago, or older work targeted at others. Alot of people say its great, touching and deep thinking work.

just please... comment

Sammi: Cephalically Hyperbolic destroyer of homogeneously-structured worlds. May. 21st, 2006 @ 11:01 am
ordinarily, i would declare that a contradictory statement.
the fabulist isn't, at all, what you perceive her to be.
beauty is defined by in and exterior.
but on the inside of the left-lying-alone leach,
scars of scattered, rapidly progressing thoughts swarm.
her walls have the imprints of the dicks that destroyed her.
all that is left and hasn't yet lingered,
is that deceptive blow delivered in the form of a finger.
a shame.
her decomposition had to be completed by absolute strangers.

New Apr. 25th, 2006 @ 01:43 pm
three poems in hereCollapse )

-holds breath- here goes nothing.
Current Mood: numbnumb
Current Music: icp - voo doo

Aug. 22nd, 2005 @ 12:53 pm
and less of that which we find those
and from the steaming eyes we forgot
when we follow what we hope
then gathering our failures
and resting on that which is not
falling to the ground
surrounded by what we hear around
and nothing but cowardness
figures on the wall in darkness
shadows irregular in formative shape
with doors unopened and the shut of drapes

Jul. 14th, 2005 @ 11:32 pm
walking past the monoliths that cast a shadow
wrapped within a dream created under a blackened sun
monuments born of a broken land
taken back to where it all began
silent I stand upon these shores again
each obsidian giant faces
the firey red of the dusk
some shade their eyes
others hold what were weapons
now nothing but rust
as I wander passed each frozen figure
formless whispers find their way to my ears
each sturdy form exemplifies
a testament toward degredation or betterment
all shed bitter tears
even statues weep for the forgotten years
they speak to me
every hushed word carried by the wind
intones the wearyness of a battered remnant
all were conscious once but they lost their reason
now they cannot believe and remain the forgotton legion
the keepers of wisdom
in time I will return to this land of waste
to bring that wisdom to this place
so that maybe I can bring a name
to all these faceless wastes of space
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» Lyrics to a song that does not exist yet
Four walls closing all around here
Breathless, restless, terrified
Can't see out, can't feel in the real of time
No escape from the inside,
I scream for help, it's quiet still
I break the walls to no avail
I still can't face this cold enclosure
My darkest fears know that I'll fail,
And I am trapped, I'm lost forever
Drenched with ice and shaking so
And she just watches, cool impassive,
Breathes the deadly music's flow.

And she danced to the rhythm of my deepest secrets
Danced to the music of my darkest fears
Danced with a smile insane and lovely
Danced while she saw me dying here.

Endless falling into blackness
There's no place for me to land
No edge, no top, no ending of this
hole from hell so darkly damned,
I cannot touch, I cannot feel
I cannot reach security
No light to show me hope or glory
Just visions of insanity,
And I am dropping deeper always
I forget the way to home
My deepest secret in the chasm
Forever now I'm so alone...

Touch this, my mind, her soul, this life
Taste this, my hell, her joyous dance
Love this, my death, her drug of always
Read my mind and I've no chance
Deadly poisons, deadly dance.

Voices echo through the hallway
Cannot hear a word they say
My question met with cold refusal
Soft psychosis here to stay,
I shout for reason, run and hide
I see salvation, cannot call
Madness speaks a million visions
and I see, I feel them all,
And I am crying to their rhythm
The beat awry, alive, askance
And I am joining in the music
I am joining in the dance.

And she danced to the rhythm of my deepest secrets
Danced to the music of my darkest fears
Danced with a smile insane and lovely
Danced while she saw me dying here.
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» Understanding Nothing
Understanding everything you say,
listening but not caring.
Your pessimism saved for my brighter days,
you spite me just for my daring.

Love life all but drowned,
your debauchery long in preparing.
For once in my life, happiness I found,
I was damned from the start for caring.
» (No Subject)
My Fiance Brian Wrote this One...

I just want to see what everyone thinks of it...

The judgment is coming,
Where all will stand before the trials of their God,
To be separated into positions they're called,
To see whose the greater among men,
All the sinners that have never sinned,
In the name of their faiths,
Conveniently placed on the shoulders of the scared,
Afraid of the ends to their mean,
Which savior is truly saved,
Who is equal among the rest,
Created in the image of the best,
Religion where others are a sin,
Idolatry to it's Christian men,
Holding a cross and casting a stone,
Into the lives of their inferiors,
Where equals become superior,
Where salvation is replaced by prejudice,
I stop in their tracks and ask no favors,
Except to stand in the middle of sinners and saviors.
» (No Subject)
Let other beauties have the power
To make one lovesick for an hour,
Perhaps for a whole day or two,
But so to captivate a heart
That it shall never part:
Only that power remains in you.
Let other beauties have the skill
By tempering smiles some fears to kill
And by degrees a heart undo.
But with a sweet yet tyrant eye
At once to bid one look and die:
None has that art but only you.
Fair wonder, to those flaming eyes
A heart I fain would sacrifice
If I had ever a one in store,
But having lost mine long before,
Well may I sigh, wish and adore,
But for my life can die no more
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