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the hard way
Who can say where the memories run to,
or what was meant to last and for how long?
It seems like the more we want the less we get,
and we're left standing with half.
It's a world of mind games and playing with hearts,
that breaks each man down to his core,
weeping and begging for it to stop.
But I say bring on your pain, your agony and abuse,
'cause it has yet to kill me and when I look back at what I've learned..
it's the scars and the tears that teach me the most.
the smiles and laughter make it all worth it in the end,
but i would be no one and would have learned nothing..
if my wounds had never bled.

chaotic passion
words cant fathom how many
emotions are tearing through my body
the ambivalence of.. love fighting
desperately to overcome the pain

but the match has been struck
to torch the house of love
and a candle stands alone
through the onslaught of rage

that candle defines me
sitting on a pedastool
just waiting to be ignited
by the heat of your flame

and the wax that is now resting,
hardened along a path down my body
waiting for the lick of the flame to melt it
down.. hesitantly dripping itself away from you

because it hurts and burns with a touch
but it feels so good to know that
your flame burns for this candle
when it stands so alone

and when the wind whips through
and douses the flame bouncing
heavily upon the wick of passion
my touch will burn more than cold

the sounds of death await you
the mumble of a petty dispute,
the adrenaline pumping,
the words screamed in rage,
the hasty act of passion..

that took a life.

the click of a cocked gun,
the bang of a released bullet,
the ping of a shell hitting the ground,
the deafening silence that follows..

as you watch her die.

the last gasp for breath,
the clutching of her chest,
the buckling of her knees,
the thud of her body hitting the floor..

as you drop the gun.

the taste of her lips,
the sparkle in her eyes,
the curve of her hips,
the strength in her thighs...

now haunt your dreams.

-holds breath- here goes nothing.
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