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The Poetry Review/Ratings Community
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We are a poetry review/ratings community.
Created and run by fuelrod and spidermatt

The FAQ/Rules:

Q: What should I do?

A: If you are a new member trying out, please post three poems for us to judge you based on. Make sure to put "New" as the subject head. You may also post a bio and/or a brief explanation for each if you so desire. Please use a lj-cut when posting your poetry.

All poems must be original work...
Absolutely no plagiarizing is tolerated.
All work is copyrighted to the user that posts it. If you want to duplicate the work in any way contact that user for permission.

Q: What comes after applying?:

A: Stamped members will vote on your application, giving it either a yes or no and leaving reasons/suggestions pertaining to their vote.

New applicants may only post on their own application thread. Until stamped, you may not post on other threads.

If you have more yes votes than no, you will be stamped. If not, you will be rejected but may try again after a week has passed.

Q: What do I do after I am stamped/rejected?

A: If you are stamped, congratulations! You are now a full fledged community member and may participate in monthly themes and voting on new member applications. Make sure to post "Stamped" in the subject head when you wish to post poetry/themed poetry after acceptance.

If you are rejected, you may reapply as soon as one week later. Hopefully this will give you time to take in the critique of others and write/edit your poetry for the next application.